Wednesday, December 16, 2009

rock the boat

so my boat obssesion has lead me to finding this bag. i love pirates and the whole idea of resort wear for winter look. thats when i found this hat, and i want it badddd....

chanel, straw boater decorated with ribbon

go to the sport accessories while your there and check out the surf boadr and the boat
i want those too by the way. i dont surf but it would be nice to have a board incase i ever wanna learn you know im young ive got a while before im tooo old to surf.

daily fashion tip_sunglasses. i know your like stell awhat are you talking about, but im serious. i got off the train today to walk home and it was really really bright i mean like the extra white light bright. i had to quint my eyes to make sure i didnt step off the curb and get hit by a buss. practice safe walking in the bright winter kids, get yourself some shades.


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