Friday, December 18, 2009

Public Enemies

so the first thing i see when i go to the basil soda sight is dull colors, somefunky graphics, and some funky high fashion sounding music is assulting my ears. so im like ohh boy what am i about to enter...

so i head to the bio and it turns out this guy, basil soda, opened a house in 2001 after being in the industry for a few years. so now he's at the "forefront of middle eastern chic" and hes gettin gbig in europe and the usa. which is evident becasue not only katy perry (see yesterdays post) but kim kardashina (oh and christina applegate!!) have been spotted in his haute creations. hes all about curves and "femine allure". i can dig that, though i lack curves. i think he's saying that he wants women to be elegant from what i can conclude. check out his most recent collection and see for yourself. dont forget to check out his sightin the shoppers paradise link on the side of my blog.

ok so it turns out i cannot find adequate pictures to copy and paste so this link will have to do

i love the intricate design its absolutely fantastic. im all about simplicity when it comes to my own life but when it comes to fashion its the details that make each and every garment special and thats where the beauty comes from. at least, i think so.

daily fashion tip_chiffon. a chiffon dress with some lovely classical necklace arrangment will not only make you look floaty but extremply elegant, if its cut correctly. so float on love, float on.


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