Wednesday, December 16, 2009

your scotch korean, you dont make a wee bit of sense....

yup thats right its just one of those days when i started watching starburst youtube commercials.

so on saturday night i watched taylor lautner on snl. he is the worlds hottest dork. it was really funny. but snl always is. you know what else is funny? elf!!! the movie with will ferell. you dont even have to like christmas watching a grown man prance around new york in green felt is just funny.
so this video taken by a random person sucks but the funny part is still in there

so plaid has been really bug but lets not forget about tartan. im mean your probably like whats the difference, i was asking the same question well here it is:

plaid (plad) n. a long, woolen garment, usually with a tartan pattern, worn as a wrap by Scottish Highlanders; a. marked with stripes.
tartan (tar'-tan) n. woolen cloth of colored plaids, each genuine Scottish clan possessing its own pattern; a. made of tartan.

there you have it. well im a wee bit scottish irish and i dont know what clan i belong to but im pretty sure that the burberry clan will welcome anyone willing. so here are some plaid garments with tartan patterns and my favs from the recent burberry prorsum spring 2010 collection:

so there isnt actually alot of pattern in this collection, at all. but there is lots of draping which is giving me balenciaga flash backs....

see its more of a pastel thing going on which is tottaly appropriate for spring. there are a few moore things i like about burberry and here they are:

trenches, i love me some trench coats. if i could get one every year i would, i would get one.

ad campaigns. turning a witch into a model. i mean she's already very pretty but i love how this ad campaign stars her. mario testino did an awesome job what with the lighting but staying true to the whole burberry culture thing. its pasted over one of my walls in my room but heres a little snipet.

and this dress. im going to copy cat it with my sewing machine, though i doubt it will come out just as fablous as this one :(

daily fashion tip_snl. it will make you laugh (plus the outfits they put on people are hilarious.) your mood affect the way you dress. the happier you are the more confidence you have and your clothes wont be wearing you. im mean be honest dont you always look around to see whos laughing when someone bust into giggles? exactly.


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