Wednesday, December 16, 2009

im in my bag

im listening to meek millz at the moment. if you dont know who he is you should check out his raps. please however be prepared for unappropriate language..... nevertheless this song had me thinking bout the chanel coco cocoon collection of travel bags.

check out this clip with daul kim (rip) i love it. the video i mean not the rip...

so the whole thing has lily allen as the face of it and i love her tooo! its like all my favorite people are teaming up these days! so its been featured all over the place, nylon mag, vogue, elle. you can see the ads in these same magazines and there not to bad either. the coolest part of the bags is that their reversible so theyve got that awesome quilt design or a puffier version to choose from. their really hardware like which is different for chanel but im not mad at them. i think karl lagerfeld has done right by the massses once again.

daily fashion tip_luggage. i have this issac mizrahi navy blue carry all with white trim and on the inside it's pink gingham!!! my mom gave it too me a few years ago and that makes it even better. everybody needs a bag that is totally and completely them. it just makes you feel special inside. so pack it up pack it in and the next time you hop on a plane be in your bag like meek millz.


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