Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Electric Feel

you know the great thing about accessories is that your wardrobe could be from last year but your accessories save you from being played because its got that mixing the old with the new things going on. there are definetly a ton of trends for spring and as always our favorite designers have done it again with style out the wiz-aow. so heres what ya need to know and whats gonna be in for spring accesories...

_porenza schouler

_ralph lauren

low heel
_louis vuitton


(k this is a bad example but i really like the bag)
_zac posen

_dolce and gabbana

_chanel &alexander wang

_zac posen

_christina dior

ornate necklace

so if your looking for a much longer what and who spring accessorie list check out this one at style.com
clicky clicky

street cred
_the chanel shanghai show is now available online, well technically it happened on the third but those of us not in the jet set crowd now have the luxury of watching it from home...
_sonia rykiel at hm is awesome... i was a tad skeptical (i so srry) but the other day i saw it and i was like ok i can dig it. loving the whole striped thing go check it out.

daily fashion tip_make up bag_my desk is cluttered with eyeliners, mascaras, and lip stains and blams. my besties house is even worse. she has this plastic sandcastle buket she keeps in her bathroom and fills it with all her makeup. one time she couldnt find something so she dumped the bucket upside down. it was like a cascade of color before my very eyes, powder falls is the perfect name for it. her mother had to call for the carpet in their hallway to be cleaned what with the lip gloss smears and the eyeshadows that ever so kindly got trapped in the fibers. cautionary tale loves. if you have an extensive makeup collection then i suggest an ikea drawer thingy with the pullout drawers. put each thing and a seperate drawer and call it a day.

xoxo_stella french

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