Sunday, December 20, 2009

i definetly have strong feelings towards you i just don't know if their positive or negative

late sunday no school monday!!! whoo hoo partaay. ok well not really cause theres a good foot or more of snow on the ground outside ndc last i checked all my ladies and fellas are sleeping. darn those lazy bums.

anyhoo. rodarte for target. check it out
rodarte for target lookbook
rodarte for target/ go international

if you even knew how many things i want from this collection. my oh my dont get me started. however, if you'd like to donate items preferably medium (small would fit me but lets not forget about my limbs) then i have no issue accepting them to get rid of some of the space in my closet. just kidding. no seriously though if you want to, i wont stop you.

so i just wanted to share with you some things before this year is over and here they are

winter trends

_big hair. say hello dolly because its all about sexy wild teased hair. like lots of volume and loose spirals kind of thing. if you have short hair though do not fret, slap some pomade on and go for a cool sculpted look in your hair. try a pompadour or parting it to one side and doing finger waves.

_shoes. match your shoes with your lipstick. im so serious if your doing bright red match that with your loubitons and if you have shocking pink shoes on get some covergirl lipstain to make your lips pop. i, however, will be indulging in plum almost black lips stick to match my plum almost black shoes pumps.

_curves. the bandage dress is probably a staple for a winter wardrobe. just imagine all the eyes tha will be on you after you take that extra lare puffy coat off. bandage dresses were originaly a herve leger thing in the late eighties but it shows off your curves in all the right places. however, it is not a dress for every body type.

_white. we all love the little black dress yes, it will never die. on the other hand the little white dres is not so much of a staple as it is a traffic stopper. you can still get that classic daring cut of an lbd in any color. its all about nonconformity and chic versatility.

_redhead. if you want to die your hair but your not looking to be a blonde, rejoice. rehead is the way to go, at least i think so. everyones a blonde these days. try an apricot, papaya, or persimmon. make sure the color works with your skin tone and dont go to red we want you to be naural ove, not a clown.

_black leather boot. now, in my first blog post i had the daily fashion tip as something black for a very long time. i wont lie, i still love black. not even on an emotip, i just feel that its so simple that it works with verything and im always wearing sometype of accesorie and black lets it pop. sory off topic ther but black leathe rboots are a rock classic with or without the heel ( i love the polo version) and you can wear them with a mini dress or pants or jeans or whatever you like.

oh and btw check out the shoppers paradise i've updated the links and added some new ones.

daily fashion tip_costume jewelery. think faux pearls and glam like jewels. its all about extravagence. bonus: not as expensive as real baubles but if crafted nicely you'll never know the difference. think brocade fabrics, faux leapord skin, fur jackets, gold, and snake skin shoes. omg its like katy perry has taken over my mind...


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