Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

so im feeling the roar. jkjkjkjk. but seriously ive been peeping alot of animal prints and i wanted to share that with you. not all of these pictures are new, that is true, but they all have some reason for being posted.
the main one would be that i think their badass but it's whatever you like so take a look and get inspired...

lilly allen_no i dont suggest you go out into the street with your bra and panties but theres nothing wrong with doing it in your own house...

sienna miller_im not to crazy about this outfit but i feel that it came from some type of perspective so it should be considered...

cartier_this watch from the les must collection has got the masses purring. check out the other ones.

givenchy_k so this a throw back but its fantasmical none the less. i think its from the fall 07 collection...

joseph leapord coat, 816 madison ave, nyc_it has fur. but see the thing is its printed and that ok casue some printed furs look tacky but this is most deff firece.

tory burch_2010 spring line. its alot more reptile like but its still an animal so i put it in.

giambattista valli_spring 2010 again. i love the fringe in the coat and the peep of color into that dress.

christian louboutin_i dont know if these sneaks are still available but my friend had a pair just like them except they were by nike and they had purple laces. that child is such a card. but anyway they pretty awesome so you can rule your own concrete jungle.

street cred
_the vicoria secret fashion show airs tonight on cbs. if you dont aprove of women walking around in their undies on tv then think of it like this. yes there is the underwear and skin and what not, but there are also fantasmical wings and accesories that show has some of the best sets and the creativity that goes into aspects that are not skin and lingere and what not are worth looking at.

daily fashion tip_camera. click click click. and dont be bashful you know you like those flashes. a little hint though, its been proven that your friends take better pictures of you the you can of yourslef because they see whats great about those things you dont. its also acceptable to have a pro take your picture but this camera is just for fun. even better, get your best moments on video. pick up the flip.com smile camera. smile love!!!


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