Sunday, December 6, 2009


so so srry so so so srry but the spring accessories post will not go up until tmrw because i have to write and essay tonight nd there simply is not enough time to do this slightly long post. so instead im going to humor you with gossip in hopes that youll be tied over until tmrw.

street cred
_the christian louboutin barbie is on sale, it has been for a while i think but if you fear that a young relative may fall into the carvern of non style when they get older give this to her as a gift. your doing the right thing by teaching the younger generations what is proper you know.
_the chloe spring collection is available. i was not a huge fan of this collection but i did enjoy the blazers so buy those and maybe next season i will once again be wowed by the line that claims to make clothing for femme fatales (my words not theirs)
_twilights eclipse official release date is june 30th, 2009. i will be in there like swim wear.
_if you missed it lawst night rhianna and blake lively where on snl (lively hosted). it was quite hilarious. i do love me some snl/comedy (in tina fey we trust).
_anna kendrick's (jessica in twilight) film, up in the air starring clooney and her self was named best film of the year by the national board of review. i suppose ill be going to see that next weekend then.

daily fashion tip_hairspray. yes the musical is essential too but im talking about the stuff tht holds your hair up. what with all the wind in my neck of the woods i need to buy y self some. somethings are just not cute, including my french braid after its been attacked by winter breezes.


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