Wednesday, December 9, 2009

eggelton and bacon

this title is for my friend who likes dijon mustard. she knows who she is.

so i just got my self a hat and gloves and scarf from hm. the ones i had last year i absolutely loved they were cream elbow length kintted mittens from urban outfitters, a cream knitted hat with the little pompom on the top (i wore it to the side cause im gangster gangster like that) and a cream chunky knit scarf from hm. today i got blue ones, all different shades of like blue, navy, russian navy combo going on here. i really dig it becasue the different colors mean i can wear it together or mix them with last years still loved slightly darker from wear cream set.

today i played tap tap revenge for the first time!!!!!! it was amazing i had so much fun playing with chels ipod touch. i have a nano that i am quite content with but i would buy a touch just to play tap tap revolution, maybe i would i think. i was sitting there at lunch bobbing my head and tapping the screen like a maniac. i probably looked like a whole fool but i was having fun. check out the link at i want to know about the screen tapping game so im gonna click here

on the other hand, there are only eleven day until rodarte for target!!!!!!!!! go check out tavis page to see her very cool interview with the sister is east bubble funk nowhere. a very nice looking east bubble funk though. this may sound weird but i, a fifteen year old weirdo, have a girl cruch on tavi. she is awesome in ways i have yet to unlock the doors to. i wish her the very best.

if you didnt see it before go watch the paris-shaghai chanel clips and vids. im really considering stealing my grandmothers kimono. well ive considered it before but i think it would look pretty cool as like a sorta kinda jacket in the spring time you know? anyway check out the behive hair and the sparkle and the interesting jade dark red colors and fabric treatment here chanel paris-shanghai

daily fashion tip_hm mag. check it out online if you cant find it in stores. every country has a different one and its really interesting to see whats col and whats not beyond style blogs and profiles. check it out for internation inspiration and when someone ask you why your wearing that say because it very big in such and such place and i just loved the concept...

xoxo_stella french

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