Monday, December 21, 2009

in the house of the rising sun

well only ten days left in 2009. i suppose ill spend them reviewing what trends we idulged in these last few years. oh, it was only yesterday (2000) that i started the first grade. and now look at me; im a moody, tall teenager, who wears black all the time, with a straight across bang, and likes to read and write. my how times have changed.

well anyhooo im a big fan of pants and being such i decided to reminisce on the jean trends of the decade. hold on tight loves...

_2000_hipsters. thank god i was young and unawear of this trend but it seems that the exposed hipbone jeans from the ninteies found away to trail themselves into the 2yk. we still have hippsters. but luckily we've reformed enough so that our crotch hair isnt peeping out from the waist band.

_2002_skinnies. by far one of my favorite jean trends because they show of the slimness of my legs. it came back around the influence of rock and roll. you know stokes-inspired and what not and that is how the silhouette of the decade came to life.

_2006_wide-legged. another favorite of mine. the broke in with a vengance; high waisted and flarring ready to throw skinnies out the door.

_2008_boyfriend. this is the chich baggy of jeans, no more homo-thug style. these jeans where stolen from a bf's closet, rolled up and tied with a belt or scarf to fit the waist. plus the idea that you found them off the floor made them tres tres chic.

_2009_distressed. my grandmother always said that if i ever wanted jeans like this she'll buy me a pair from wallmart and i can destroy them myself. i agree with her. but the simple fact is that the broken down, ripped, discardedness of distressed jeans is so appealing. the too came from the rock and roll and thanks to balmain(they featured a $3,000 pair) stores rolled them out like they where the only thing being made. all you need too know is that their tight, bleached, and ripped into shape.

daily fashion tip_jeans. choose a style from above and bring them with you into the next decade. before you know it, maybe a few more decades or so, they'll be vintage and you my friend will be ahead of the curve.


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