Saturday, December 5, 2009

(if your wondering if i want you to) i want you to

k so at the moment im jamming to weezer... i remeber the first time i heard island in the sun. good stuff.

so the holidays are a humble 19 days away (for those of us following the christian calander even if your not christian) from christmas. i mean who doesnt love a good winter break right? well even if your not in to the holidays its nice to get gifts no matter what religion you practice. they make the reciever fell special like, "aww you thought of me!!!" and they make you feel like, well "i made someone happy" and thats what holidays are about right? being happy. so heres a list of what for who if like me you have yet to start buying them.

the nerd

_check stripe logo mens tshirt,
_pac man bandages,
_starwars lightsaber laser pointer,

the beauty queen

_the tribella,
_lash stash mascara deluxe sampler.
_leapord print tape,

the parental

_the amazing grace collection,
_origami sticky note,
_the silver spoon,

the party child

_lucky zipper pulls,
_strawberry lip balm,
_tommy hilfiger hangover helper, tommy hilfiger nyc

the eco

_potting shed garden in a bag,
_garden salad floss,
_tea tree shampoo,

the traveler

_wallpaper* city guides,
_paper soap,
_worst case senario survival handbook travel,

the colorful

_omg necklace,
_talking japanese watch,
_fresh fruits,

the vintage/prep

_pink princess phone,
_coustomize rugby sweater,
_red bow glove,

the little darling

_holly gonightly sleep mask,
_russina doll sticker pack,
_marc jacobs lola gift set,

the man

_ticket stub diary,
_talking japanese watch,

the dj

_pocket jams zipper pouch,
_small heart brooch,
_nomadic, headphones,

the director

_mini lomo zipper pulls, fred
_the rubber player,
_for men gift set, tom ford,

the bestie

_8 hunks of gum,
_ultimate blockbuster, sephorah .com
_juno cheeseburger phone,

daily fashion tip_knit or leather gloves. i walked to the train to get to school ystrday and my nose and fingers became distant relatives of the iceberg waters of the titanic. dont be like stella love, put a glove on it.


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