Saturday, December 19, 2009


ohhhhmmmmgggggeeeeee! its snowing and baby it is cold outside.

so this weather has caused me to lose track of time and my though process so everything i planned to write about pink for this blog has been forgotten. i will however tell you what i can remember.

my favorite color is shocking pink used widely by elsa schiaparelli. i saw her exhibit when i was pretty young with my grandmother when it came to the philadelphia museum of art (god i love that place). after that i knew i wanted to be a fashion designer when i grew up. i've wanted to be an artisit since kindegarten but thats when the fashion bug bit me and im still infected to this day.

now just this year i watched funny fave what with my addiction to musicals and audrey hepburn. this opening number made me excited about the film before it even got to the nitty grity.

now we've got victoria secret pink. i love their sweat pants btw. plus its just comfy. im not into parading labels and i nvr wear sweats outside unless its gym class, which thank god i dnt have this semester, but i do like to sleep in them. pink is where the heart is, after all.

like, you cant even lie and say that that show doesnt look like oddles and oddles of fun to be in or watch.

now theres this pink phone id really love to have from

kind of like molly ringwald circa sixteen candles ya know?

nd some pink stuff from
im not really into ruffles but i think this would look slick with some boyfriend jeans or some leather shorts and a blazer.

but i think the pink thing id most be into is this_chanel. they know what a girl wants (rst 09 nd spring 2010)

daily fashion tip_rodarte for target. one more day till the product drops. you just better be in their like swim wear cause i already know what im getting. opportunity is knocking, go open the door to fantasmical and fairly priced clothing. go what r u waiting for go!!!!


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