Thursday, December 3, 2009

Doll Faces of the world unite

so i just wanna put out there that i love it when i write post but theri not posted. as seen below by what was supposed to be my seventy first post on wooden heels. just putting it out there cause its like the best thing ever...

anyhoo im watching the polar express at the moment yet some reason im inclined to share with you a song thats just got me going these past few day hope you love it. it encouraged me to wear my hair in a pompadour today. its a rather funky vid and the emedding has been disabled by request so click on the link below to watch it on youtube.

im not your toy

funky right? so my hairs to long to be pushed over like that but i did do the little gwen stefani curl pompadour, i wasnt going for elvis but the johnny cash type of pompadours just dont seem to suit me. i love la rouxs' style very androgynous and her back up dancer with the tie collar shirt and the brooch?? im soooo copping that like im a copper penny. i have all these brooched from my great grandmother and i can never find a more creative way to wear them then to pin my scarves up with them and stick them on sweaters.

daily fashion tip_rugby sweater. ralph lauren has this whole thing for creating yuor own kick bottom rugby digs. even if you dont participate in the kick down drag aout sport theres something awful comforting about oversized stripes and patches that you design. and hey if your luck your design might end up in stores. i think the prepster just crowned you queen.... (go to for your coronation)

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