Thursday, December 24, 2009

so lets get real.
no one is reading this blog so im going to stop blogging.
in the entire time ive been writing i have had two comments. i started writing in september for fun, but this is not fun anymore. it is not fun to talk to a wall. this is my 96th post. im not looking for anyone to beg me to keep writing, but some feed back would be nice. a little support maybe or an i like that idea even. but oh well. i suppose it is necessary for there to be losers in order for there to be winners. so now i resign till further notice, forever a fashion loser without an audience, its not like i had one in the first place anyway.

daily fashion tip_whatever the hell you want it to be.

xoxo_stella french


crystaljewellery said...

thank you for your share

Anonymous said...

I missed your brave, gifted contribution to fashion history. Ah, well. There's a time for everything. Best to the best,