Saturday, December 12, 2009

dont stop till you get enough

so today i had a fashion show for my art class. i had so much fun even though i was reall really really nervous. i made two dress but im not going to say anymore more because it was special and blogging about it wont do it justice. my memory will do just fine

but there where alot of crazy things. like i was scared the iron would burn the dress or that the saftey pin and double sided tape wouldnt hold up. but it was all good in the end. then i figured, other people have the same problems with clothing like stains and what not and wrinkles and oh my favorite perportator - pasta scauce.
so here is your ultimate winter clothing care guide courtesy of the things ive learned;

_red wine. though i am not of legal drinking age i have been around many an old person who lacks balance after their first glass. hand wash with club soda. the salt absorbs the stain and prevents it from adhering and the bubbles lift it out of the fabric.
_white wine. again with the balance you old people. rinse in cold water or boiling milk.
_lipstick. remove as much as possible with a credit card or butter knife. dab with a wet wipe and then rinse with hot water to remove oils.
_tomato scauce. i love pasta so this trick has come in handy many a time. i mean alot of the time like once a week. if its small scrape it away then rinse it with cold water and liquid soap. if its big do all those steps then dab it in white wine vinegar.
_beer. rinse in cold soapy water. or pure vodka. thats right folks, vadka.
_oil. rub cornstarch and leave for at least 20 minutes. brush off with dry towel. it works better on silk and wool. when you get home pretreat with citrus oil or gall soap.
_make up. sponge that spot with a slice of white bread. no im not being racist toward potato and wheat bread and rye. white bread just works better.

_sweat stains. diluted vinegar.
_pilling. there are pill removers these days but i prefer the gangster gangster approach: a steady hand and a sharp razor.
_hanging. use wooden hangers. put dresses up with the lining facing out and hang creased trousers with the creases aligned.
_sweaters. fold and stack sweaters. when you hang them up they loose their shape. fold em just like shirts.

_keep your best things in your hand luggage. have you seen those news segments on airport storage rooms full of lost travel stuff? those joints are huge!!
_wrinkles. after your done flying put your clothes on a hanger. hang them in the bathroom and take a nice hot shower. you'll be clean and your clothes will be unwrinkled.

_first aid kit. i used this a lot today. you have no idea. lint brush, sewing kit (saftey pins work for parties), and double sided tape. you'll thank me about that last one when those pictures of your boob arent on facebook...
_apron. thats right hosewife, strap it on to keep the stuff off in the kitchen. betty crocker would be so proud.

_put soap on stains the minuet they happen. its harder to remove them when their dry. theres always gall soap for you procrastinators.
_no bleach. remeber micheal jackson? enough said.

daily fashion tip_bow tie. the tuxedo look is always a winner for parties. if your hip wear some mens style pants or if your young do it with a bright colored cardi. dont forget that white shirt. ya lookin slick already...


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